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#MonsterConfidence Southampton – It Was STEMtastic

What comes after #MonsterConfidence Edinburgh? #MonsterConfidence Southampton – and what a wonderful event it was. It even made it onto the news!

Southampton Solent University’s Spark Building was our stunning venue and we couldn’t have been more excited to be there. The day opened with Susan Bowen, Vice President and General Manager, of EMEA at Cogeco Peer 1 as our keynote speaker. Susan was inspiring and showed us that the sky’s the limit for women in STEM.

She was followed by a series of Lightning Talks from Vicki Chase of the OR Society and George Hill, also of Cogeco Peer 1. Then it was time for Monster workshops & speed mentoring.

Our volunteers were real superstars – from sound engineers to computer engineers, PhD students, and people without traditional STEM backgrounds who came along to advise and support the girls on their STEM paths. Great knowledge was dropped at the Monster workshops too: Before presenting, always do your power pose! It will help you walk into any presentation feeling like Wonder Woman.

Also, “What is the worst that can happen?” Our volunteers taught us that there is nothing terrible that can happen from you taking chances in your career and on what you believe. So keep on believing in yourselves and taking chances. You never know where you may end up.

The second keynote of the day was by the STEMtastic Dr. Jen Gupta, Astrophysicist extraordinaire. Jen shared her STEM journey from the time she visited NASA at age 15 to what she does to feel confident when she has to give her talks even today (FYI, it’s a blazer). Besides Astrophysics, Jen doubles as a comedian and a presenter. Jen showed us you can have more than one passion and still have the confidence to pursue them all.

The afternoon continued in true Stemette form, with fun, laughter and lightning talks. This time from Lisa Jones, a PhD student and Tim Basford who is also at Cogeco Peer 1. The girls were not the only ones having fun – our industry volunteers listened to the talks as well.

We closed the day with our usual Soapbox challenge. We can say that the girls were putting up their hands left and right to share their learning for the day. And that is why we do what we do – so that at the end of the day there are as many Monsters walking around as there are girls.

Ladies, you were all very inspiring, and we wish you all the confidence in the universe to go out into the world and be #GirlsinSTEM.

On we go. The next stop will be London!

Thank you to our hosts Southampton Solent University, Food Partners Cogeco Peer 1, Tour Prize Partners Veolia and Candy Kittens for being our Sweets Partner. Of course, big thanks to Monster for being the star of the show. For more details about the tour, visit monsterconfidence.co.uk

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