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2020 October Explore

With the pandemic leaving half-term holidays looking very different this year, Stemettes stepped in to put on 2020 October Explore. It was a free and fun-filled 3-week event, partnering with industries like cyber security, mining and insurance.

Weeks one and two offered six online and Instagram Live sessions for Stemettes to learn something new, try activities and meet STEM role models. Each session was followed by speed networking. Stemettes heard from industry experts about their jobs and got tips for networking and overcoming obstacles. From week one and two Explore Stemettes, 60% had never attended a Stemettes event before.


What did Explore Stemettes enjoy most?

“I enjoyed getting to learn about the occupations of the role models and asking them for advice for the future.“

“I enjoyed the advice given on the different ways I would be able to pursue my favourite subjects“



Weeks one and two: Impact

  • Explore Stemettes rated weeks one and two 8.6 out of 10
  • 93% now feel more connected to their peers and role models in STEM
  • 100% want to take part in another Stemettes event
  • 87% now feel more confident in their STEM abilities
  • 87% are now more aware of STEM-related careers


Week three

Week three was jam-packed with activities, networking and Q&As, as well as the chance to gain an accredited certification in cyber security. Volunteers and experts joined the event from Anglo American, Covéa Insurance, DXC Digital Minds and GCHQ. This week split the Explore Stemettes into four age streams: Junior (7-11 years old), Connect (12-15), Academy (16-17), and Lates (18+).


Juniors rated their experience 9.6 out of 10 and 62% now want to study a STEM subject/do a STEM career:

“I found out that STEM is interesting and more than doing sums“

“Before, I wanted to become a painter, but now I think I’ll be a coder or geologist.“


The Connect stream rated their experience 9.3 out of 10 and 100% want to take part in another Stemettes event:

“I loved meeting role models from a variety of sectors and it was great to hear how broad a career in STEM can be. There’s something for everyone!“


The Academy stream rated their experience 8.8 out of 10 and 95% are now more confident in their STEM abilities:

“I loved being in small groups on call so I could make friends and learn and help each other”



Lates rated their experience 10 out of 10 and 100% now feel more connected to peers and role models in STEM:

“It was really interesting to hear from such diverse role models and the wide range of different careers”


In all four streams:

  • 100% now see STEM in a better light
  • 100%  are now more aware of STEM-related careers
  • 100% have learned something new about STEM

26 Explore Stemettes completed an ‘Introduction to Cybersecurity certification‘ from Cisco Networking Academy, with four laptops sent out to those who needed them.

Thank you to our wonderful volunteers and industry partners!

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