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My Day @ Gadget Show Live, Thanks to the Stemettes

This blog post has been written by Oishi, 21, who is studying for a degree in Software and Electronic Engineering at the University of Leicester. She won Gadget Show Live tickets in February as part of WednesdayWins on our OtotheB app.

I attended the 2016 Gadget Show live at Birmingham NEC. It was a great event packed with many fun activities throughout the day. I and my friend had a wonderful time checking out all the stalls and trying out different gadgets. Given my degree course, I genuinely have a passion for exciting gadgets and this show was the perfect place for me.

The Gadget Show was split into 4 key areas, which are ‘Home and Lifestyle’; ‘Personal and Outdoor’; ‘Concept and Innovation’ and ‘Gaming and Play’ which covered all of the great products, companies and features that came to the show.

I was particularly interested in the ‘Concept and Innovation’ area and went to check out the various activities in that section. I did some hands-on activities with the ‘SAM Labs’ using the wireless electronics kits to build my Internet of Things (IoT). Using that kit, it was very easy to create smart systems by seamlessly integrating hardware, software and apps through the IoT.

I am also fascinated with the idea of drones and decided to try out some at the stall. I and my friend played a round of drone battle at the stall and it was really exciting.
Following that, we went out to check the Uniwheel, which is a self-balanced, gyro-controlled, battery-powered single-wheel scooter. It was my first time riding the Uniwheel, which was a nice experience. I wish I could start riding it on the road as it is so environmentally friendly and can travel to my destination so quickly without going through the hassle of parking etc.

Another interesting gadget that caught my attention was the ‘Virtual Reality’ headset. I did spend some time with that headset and enjoyed the time of being lost in virtual reality.

The day went quickly and I and my friend had a nice time at the show. I recommend others to visit the show, especially girls. I am sure after attending this show, anyone would love to get involved with technology and would be thrilled by the fact of how fascinating technology can be.

Finally, I want to take this opportunity to thank Stemettes for selecting me for the Gadget show tickets and allowing me to take a friend with me. I am looking forward to attending another such event through the Stemettes and exploring more about the exciting technologies.

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