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It Is Time (Lion King Reference)… Time to Apply for the Outbox Incubator

Eat. Sleep. STEM. Repeat!

So… in true Stemettes fashion, we have acted upon what we have learnt. How did we learn it? By listening to what the next generation of girls have been saying about what they think is missing from the world of STEM. We’ve been going for two years, and this is what the young women at our events, exhibitions and in schools have been saying they need but couldn’t find! They need STEM expertise advice and training. They want real career path advice. They want first-hand experience. They want to meet other girls who are interested in exploring the realms of STEM like they are. They want to be around other ambitious people. They need to meet the organisations that are looking for them! They want the exploration of their future to be fun! These are the next generation of women change-makers, creators and problem solvers, and they told us what they want. We need to provide opportunities for these young women to explore their potential now! And it needs to be FREE! We have partnered with WISE and the Outbox Incubator is funded by Salesforce. Many a crackalackin’ STEM organisations are pledging to offer funding for the girl’s start-ups, as well as office space, expertise, skills, food and fun. (If you’re reading this as one such organisation click away here.


So what’s it all about?

Applications are now open to come into the Outbox Incubator!  


What is the Outbox Incubator?

It’s a STEMazing experience for girls aged between 11 – 22. It’s a support initiative designed to accelerate STEM startups. It’s full of sessions run by STEM organisations and women from industry. It’s a code-load of free wifi, free food, fun events, funky dance moves, sherpas and skill sharing. It’s the only free STEM initiative of its kind to have ever happened in Europe. It’s happening this summer, and it’s six weeks long.   The Outbox Incubator spaces are now open! Apply or nominate now until the 28th of May.  


Should you apply (oh. holy. goat. yes!)

Do you live in Europe? Are you interested in Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths? Or in other words are you interested in creating things? Do you want to meet new people, make friendships and have a laugh? Do you want to grow an idea into a business? Do you want to meet women leaders? Do you want to hear the stories and advice from women who have made it in the STEM world? Do you want to make a change? Are you a fan of devilishly tasty free food? Do you want to see London?  


Do you have to stay for the six weeks?

Girls who don’t live in London will be sleeping over in the Outbox House! They can stay for a week or join us for the full six.  


What will you get?

Interview skills Confidence skills Expert STEM business knowledge Friendships Life experiences Financial skills A leap into the STEM life A Sherpa (like a mentor but better) Social Media expertise.


How do I nominate someone I know?

The Outbox Incubator spaces are now open! Apply or nominate now until the 28th of May. You can apply as a group, a pair, and of course, just you. It will take just five minutes. (The time it takes me to eat half a packet of biscuits).  


Where is it?

We’ve got a 12-bedroom house in South London. There is a splendiferously spacious garden. Many a bathroom, so no worries about timing folks. We have already started on the free food stock-up (ice cream, biscuits, fresh fruit, and chocolate are some of the best-listed items for sure).   So now I have shared with you the formalities, it is time I introduced myself and unfolded a few spoilers! So I’m Yasmin, the Core Stemette. I met the founder of Stemettes, Anne-Marie, just over a year ago and working in a STEM startup has been a code load of experiences, development, laughter, challenges, freebies and good food! Why I think (if I could jump through a sort of wormhole and fling back in time) I would apply for this free summer STEM experience… … is because I love free swag, I want to meet Martha Lane-Fox and other women who want to tell me the funny, challenging, life-changing, successful career ventures they’ve had (including what they studied and how they did it). I would also want to explore London and do things like Yoga, build cardboard forts in the house, learn coding, gain experience in business, meet others, make friends, and go on the London Eye. I would want to gain skills and build on my STEM and business knowledge to know how I could build an idea into reality and get on the path to being an entrepreneur. There is no need to worry about anything as it’s all FREE. Whoop whoop!

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