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Meet the Stemettes @ H&M 2022

Stemettes partnered with H&M Group on 19th February to offer a virtual panel and networking session for women and non-binary people. The event focused on Sustainability in Fashion, Teamwork, and Creativity in STEM.

Following a panel with STEMazing role models, the event moved to Remo for virtual networking with them. The live panel was attended by 62 people on YouTube, with 15 of them going on to join the networking.

What did participants think?

Those who attended the event were asked to rate the impact of it across our impact metrics.

  • 100% felt their awareness of STEM career options increased
  • 100% felt their network in STEM fields increased
  • 100% felt their knowledge of STEM increased

They rated the programme 9.26 out of 10 and 100% of participants said they would attend another Stemettes event.

Their favourite parts were learning the importance of technology in the fashion industry, the international nature and getting an insight into the business element.

Unexpected benefits were an improvement in mental well-being and motivation. It also improved participants’ understanding of how STEM can be integrated with art and how AI can be integrated with Fashion.

“I wanted to go into a STEM career, but I love that now I understand how I can still incorporate my love for art into it.” – Panel and Networking Attendee


Thank you to H&M, volunteers and everyone who took part in the event!

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