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A Snowy but Engaging Saturday @ LGIM

3rd March was an incredibly snowy day in London. It was also the date we’d chosen to host our special International Women’s Day ‘Meet the Stemettes’ panel event at LGIM’s offices in London. LGIM, short for Legal & General Investment Management handle money for millions of people across the globe and uses maths and technology to keep it safe, invest it and grow it for their customers.



Despite the snowy inches and very limited transport options, we had a full house (with a few more on top of that) so kicked off with introductions to our fantastic panel:

  • Faduma Mohammed – Software Engineer, Conde Nast
  • Shally Sheffer – Delivery Manager, NTT
  • Albena Ivanova – Technical Director, Veolia
  • Siobhan Boylan – Chief Finance Officer, LGIM
  • Honor Solomon – EMEA Head of Retail Distribution, LGIM
  • Madeleine King – Co-Head of Investment Grade Research, LGIM
  • Amber Malik – Business Development, LGIM
  • Mystery Man Cosmo Elms – Senior Product Strategy & Development Manager, LGIM


After introducing themselves they then answered lots of questions from our 9 – 13 year old audience. Questions about their favourite school subjects, advice for work experience & GCSE options and also questions about their jobs.

We then enjoyed our lunch kindly provided by LGIM and got to speed network with the panellists and more volunteers from across LGIM. There was a speed networking activity sheet competition (as always) and prizes to close! Then we all headed home in the snow…


In terms of impact, we had about 80 in attendance, of which about 45 were girls and young women.

93% of attendees would like to come to another Stemettes event, and they gave the event an average of 8.97 out of 10. 100% left with an improved awareness of STEM careers available. 97% left with an improved perception of the STEM world. 93% had improved confidence in their STEM abilities and 97% left with an improved network within STEM.

From attendees:

  • “I could really relate to the Stemettes and they were very friendly”
  • “I really liked that they really engaged me by asking me questions too”
  • “I loved that everyone was so inspiring”
  • “Everyone was really nice and I enjoyed myself lots”
  • “The event was very useful for finding out about work experience and was a good experience”


There’s a lovely Flickr album of the event:

Meet the Stemettes @ LGIM

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