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7 (& a Half) Ways Stemettes’ School Trips Are the New School Trips

At Stemettes, we take pride in being doers when it comes to inspiring girls into Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). We’ve compacted life in industry into one day with our STEM in a Day school trips. Two schools to bring ten of their girls into a STEM company to meet women in STEM, eat great food and gain technical skills – all in one day. School trips have never been so amazing.

This year we’ve run trips to five companies with over 300 girls in London, Aberdeen and Dublin. We have upcoming events with Softwire, Bentley Systems and Accenture. Want your school to get involved? Read on…


1 – At Accenture: Network of Women in Tech

Accenture piloted our first ever STEM in a Day and has been host to the most in their London offices. Admirable is the consistent stream of female employees who volunteer and dedicate an entire workday (or more) to get involved. A day of problem-solving paired with inspirational big Stemettes sharing their journeys into tech makes for a popular day in the industry for little Stemettes.


1.5 – Plush Loos

A random one, and more than a half reason for some. We never fail to hear ohs and ahs when girls first venture into the Accenture bathrooms. Who knew shiny fittings and marble surfaces were such a hit with teens?!


2 – At R/GA: Talk Tech and Play

As advocates and lovers of all things STEM, bask in the knowledge that STEM is super creative. For those not so aware of the STEM creative capacity, we introduce R/GA. Our STEM in a Days with them is nothing short of cool, fun and creative. On entry, gadgets intrigue and create the perfect tech playground. Girls are mingling with their unknown peers in no time. Who wouldn’t bond over a game of air hockey on the surface table?


3 – The Writing on the walls

[Cue Destiny’s Child debut album or latest Bond theme tune]. Nothing encourages limitless ideation like writing on the walls. At RGA writing on the walls is something of the norm and rather therapeutic. It’s normal to hear collective gasps of delight and see a rush for the board markers. Everyone wants to indulge in the freedom of writing on the wall.


4 – At Citibank: Apps and banking

For an 11-year-old, the world of banking and finance may seem far off, in the pool of adulthood responsibility. When tasked with creating a banking app for under 16s, our girls impressed the Citibank execs with their app creations. Some featured crowdfunding from family and peers, and others featured wish list saving targets. Impressive!


5 – Ninjas, Witches and Astronauts

Not quite the place you would expect to find a witch, an astronaut or a ninja. With a STEM in a Day, anything is possible! As farfetched as it seems, all 3, plus a secret agent and miner were amongst the customer personas students had to analyse and recommend wearable tech features for.


6 – At Centrice: Engineering Design

Our Centrica trip was a special visit for many reasons. It was our first ‘STEM in a Day’ in Scotland so called for something different. The day started with practical tours and presentations from various engineers. We tasked girls with designing and pitching power station theme parks using 3D design software. Judges selected winners to receive a 3D print of their design and people’s choice winners received free visits to a marine life exhibition. Despite the challenge of using unfamiliar software, the girls enjoyed the challenge and the victory of conquering 3D workplanes.


7 – WE (heart) ICE CREAM!!!

If you follow @Stemettes on Instagram, it will become very clear very quickly that we love food! So *applauds* to Centrica for a scrumptious lunch – we all enjoyed an ample selection from the canteen – and for dessert? We slobbered over ice lollies and ice creams with an amazing view of Aberdeen city. Grand!

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