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Dance & JS @ Our Skimlinks Hack


At Stemettes, we always enjoy our hackathons and our latest Scripting Hackathon hosted by Skimlinks was no exception. Just over 50 people joined us during the 2 days at their swanky Old Street offices to enjoy the endless supply of food, drinks and JavaScript.


The office common space was taken over by beanbags, tablets and girls as we began each day with the signature Stemettes icebreakers, an overview of the day and an intro to Skimlinks. Then we broke up into three groups: Dance Elite, Dance Strategy and Don’t Dance. The first two groups stayed on the sofas and grabbed a tablet – courtesy of our collaborators Kuato Studios and got to grips with their Hakitzu Elite game – learning JavaScript whilst moving a robot around the grid. The third group got into JavaScript and web development in the rooms with laptops loaned to us by our friends at O2 – building to a ‘Dancing or Shopping’ brief.

Lunch, paid for by our sponsor, was more Dominos than any of us had ever seen, accompanied by a selection of sandwiches quiches and salads. We also had a fully stocked fridge of drinks and a stream of sweets to keep all of us going, in true Stemettes fashion.

The second day began with a world exclusive of the hottest new game: JavaScript Simon Says, which saw us all following JavaScript lines (coming soon to a game store near you) and then we went straight back into building our projects and gameplay.

By the time the judges arrived, everyone was ready to present and see what the other groups had been up to. The Dance Elite led us in a New Zealand Haka dance. The Dance Strategy finalists played their final round of Hakitzu Elite. Don’t Dance presented their shopfronts and dance GIFs. We were all blown away by the quality of what had been built and the creativity shown.

The judges deliberated, the crowd voted and it was time for prizegiving. Alicia Navarro, head judge and CEO and founder of Skimlinks, was on hand to hand out trophies and prizes and the weekend was up!

We’d like to thank the team at Skimlinks for sponsoring the event, and our friends at Kuato Studios & O2 for supporting us. Photos are up on our Facebook and as well as one participant, Skimlinks’ VP of Engineering and Kuato have blogged about being involved.

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