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RECAP: Week 4 of STEM Mode In

Week 4 was Anne Pacros week!



This week we hosted our Meal Plan on Tuesday, due to the bank holiday. 50 attendees tuned in to follow along with our Stemillions Activity Pack (aka Meal Plan) based on Anne Pacros, a payload manager on the Solar Orbiter Mission. The Solar Orbiter is a Sun-observing satellite designed by the European Space Agency. The attendees designed their own satellites, considering what equipment and materials they would need in space. Anne answered everybody’s questions about satellites and planet observation. Some of the girls discussed their designs with Anne at the end of the session.



When we asked the attendees what they enjoyed most about the session they said:

“I enjoyed talking about my design! I also loved meeting Anne!”

“I enjoyed drawing the satellite and putting my annotations around the picture”

“Making the satellite and learning more about the ESA”



On Wednesday, we live-streamed an introduction to Tinkercad, an open-source 3D modelling platform. 50 participants joined Core Stemette Jazmin and Logistics Stemette Julia for a 3D design session. Once the participants had learned to navigate the software, they designed their own satellite using Tinkercad. TeamStemette were super impressed with the results, the satellites were fit for a trip to space!



Here are some quotes from the girls who joined the session about what they enjoyed the most:

“Being able to create my 3D model. It was amazing!!”

“I enjoyed making the rocket using Tinkercad for the first time”

“The presenters were excellent and very engaging. The workshop instructions were very clear and easy to follow. Good Stuff”



For the Friday Live session this week we were joined by our Stem Mode In role model, Anne Pacros and StemetteSpeaker, Liberty Hemming. Liberty is currently in STEM education and spoke to the viewers about her EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) on space food. HeadStemette Anne-Marie hosted the session and was disappointed when she learned that breadcrumbs are not allowed in space. Liberty will soon move on to a project about agriculture potential in space. Anne Pacros joined the session and told the audience about her work with the European Space Agency. She answered lots of questions about space observation and her route into STEM. 114 people tuned into this session, here are some quotes from some of the viewers about what they enjoyed the most.


“I enjoyed most parts of it as I don’t have much knowledge of space science. I learnt many things and would love to learn more about it. It was very engaging as well because the other viewers asked great questions.”

“Learning more about EPQs and working in the space industry”

“I enjoyed all of the Q&A and learning about the solar orbiter mission and Anne Pacros”


We received some great overall feedback from week 4 too!

  • 214 participants tuned in this week
  • 90.9% said their knowledge of STEM improved
  • 87% shared their perception of STEM improved
  • 84% shared that their network in STEM improved


That’s all for Week 4. Next week’s role model is Roma Agrawal – we can’t wait to see you all for those events.

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