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RECAP: Week 7 of STEM Mode In

Week 7 was Angela Taylor’s week!



This Monday 38 attendees tuned in to follow along with our Stemillions Activity Pack (aka Meal Plan) based on Angela Taylor, an American Software Engineer. Angela had an interesting route into her role at Google. Originally working in HR, she transferred to become an engineer on the Google My Business team later in her career. Core Stemette Jazmin hosted a creative STEAM session around this week’s role model. Participants learned about Google Doodles and were invited to create their own. During the show and tell we saw some STEMtastic designs for Google Doodles around STEM role models and subjects!



When we asked the attendees what they enjoyed most about the session they said:

“Creating Google doodles, something I’ve always loved looking at”

“Creating our own STEM-themed Google Doodles and learning about what it’s like to work for Google.”



On Wednesday, 68 attendees joined Event Stemette Charlotte as she hosted Stemettes Volunteer, Amna Askari delivering a session on the Anatomy of an App. Amna explained the structure of an App and the concept of back and front-end development. The girls took part in an interactive activity based on Pokemon to illustrate how information flows from back to front. Amna hosted a fun quiz and Q&A for the girls too!




Here are some quotes from the girls who joined the session about what they enjoyed the most:
“I enjoyed the explanation and the description and it made me fall even more in love with coding and the idea of app building. I have an idea in mind currently and I haven’t been able to put it down since I did not know where to start, so YES this helped me! Thank you to Team Stemmets and Amna!!”

“I love the Java language and Reach, she also explained it over and over again until we all understood it. Thank you for a great session.”

“Looking through Inspect to see the HTML and editing it. I also enjoyed learning the different phases and steps in app development.”



For this week’s Friday Live session, Head Stemette Anne-Marie was joined by StemettesAlumnae Sunaina Aytan and Jo from GCHQ. Sunaina is a Cyber Security Analyst at Bank of America and Jo is a Strategy, Policy and Engagement Director at GCHQ. At GCHQ, the teams combine cutting-edge technology with technical ingenuity to help keep the UK safe. Sunaina shared her route into her exciting role at Bank of America and answered questions about cybersecurity from the viewers. Although a lot of Jo’s work is top secret, she answered as many questions as she could about her role too. 497 tuned into this week’s bank holiday Instagram Live session! Here are some quotes from some of the viewers about what they enjoyed the most.

“Learning about the role Jo does at GCHQ. Also learning about her interesting journey through school to her role now!”

“Learning about GCHQ!”


We received some great overall feedback from week 7 too!


  • 603 participants tuned in this week!
  • 97% said their knowledge of STEM improved
  • 93% shared their perception of STEM improved
  • 90% shared that their confidence in STEM improved
  • 90% shared their awareness of STEM improved


That’s all for Week 7. Next week’s role model is Sheila Scott – we can’t wait to see you all for those events


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