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RECAP: Week 3 of STEM Mode In

Week 3 was Merritt Moore week!



On Monday, we hosted a session for 60 attendees to follow along with our Stemillions Activity Pack (aka Meal Plan) based on Dr. Merritt Moore, an American ballerina and quantum physicist. The attendees learned about Merritt’s STEAM career journey and she shared top tips on how she managed her time whilst studying Atomic and Laser Physics and performing ballet. During the activity, the girls explored ‘The Many Worlds Interpretation’ and imagined alternate timelines. Some of the girls presented their timelines to Merritt at the end of the session.



When we asked the attendees what they enjoyed most about the session they said:

“I enjoyed meeting Ms Merritt Moore!”

“Listening to all the things that Merritt accomplished when people doubted her.”



On Wednesday, we live-streamed an introduction to Nanoscience, 79 participants joined Events Stemette Charlotte and Workshop Stemette Dr. Geraldine Baekelandt to explore the principles of Nanoscience. The attendees learned about nanoscale and atoms and partook in a fun quiz. The girls asked Geraldine some super interesting questions about the uses of Nanoscience and her inspiring career journey.



The attendees enjoyed meeting Dr. Geraldine Baekelandt and learning about Nanoscience!

“I enjoyed learning about how nanotechnology is used in various industries and our everyday products”

“Geraldine was excellent at explaining everything and she is super inspiring!”



On Friday we were very excited to host two of our STEMazing Stemettes Alumnae Holly Boothroyd and Joana Baptista. Head Stemette Anne-Marie hosted the duo whilst they shared their awesome journeys into the STEM world and the cool stuff they’re up to in their day-to-day. 375 people tuned into this session, here are some quotes from some of the viewers about what they enjoyed the most.


“I found this event so inspiring, especially because the people on the Instagram live were alumnae. It was good to ask questions to those people.”

“Learning more about a range of STEM careers in detail”


We received some great overall feedback from week 3 too!

  • 514 participants tuned in this week
  • 91% shared their perception of STEM improved
  • 87% said their knowledge of STEM improved
  • 87% said their awareness of STEM improved


That’s all for Week 3. Next week’s role model is Anne Pacros – we can’t wait to see you all for those events.

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