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2022 STEM Goals @ South Tyneside

On 4th May 2022, Stemettes partnered with South Tyneside Council to host a physical STEM Goals event. Participants worked in groups to create an app on the theme of Offshore Wind.

Women and non-binary people aged 14-15 from two different schools in Tyne and Wear joined the event. 31 pupils were participating in the event.



What did participants think?

Participants rated the programme 8.5 out of 10.

When asked to rate impact metrics after the event, participants saw an improvement in the following:

  • 91% felt their perception of STEM increased
  • 91% felt their network in STEM fields increased
  • 91% felt their confidence in their STEM abilities increased
  • 100% felt their awareness of STEM career options increased
  • 100% felt their knowledge of STEM increased

They most enjoyed creating a website and learning HTML. Participants also saw an increase in their mental well-being after taking part in the programme.

What did you most enjoy?

“Talking to the volunteers, it was really eye-opening about all the different types of jobs to do with STEM. I really enjoyed this experience overall.” – STEM Goals participant



Thank you to South Tyneside council and all the volunteers who took part in this event.

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