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One Year of Student to Stemette: Four Things We’ve Learnt

A problem shared is a problem halved

Four cohorts have been through our ‘more than a mentoring programme’ in its first year. That’s a total of 130 women who have joined the Stemettes network across Birmingham and London. So, naturally, we had a party to celebrate!



65 young women interested in STEM have successfully leapt off our springboard into a mentoring relationship – what have we learnt?


1. Time is your greatest currency

*Cue the sound of a cash register…

We’ve had some really fun women join us from 12 different companies including Salesforce, Rolls-Royce & Deutsche Bank. They’ve spent their time supporting a diverse set of young women in exploring the possibilities of STEM over four months. Amongst the music and cupcakes, they shared what they’ve gained during their journey. This ranged from gaining confidence in their leadership abilities to fully grasping the skill of ‘modern-day text lingo’.



2. A problem shared is a problem halved

Can we call this a maths pun?! Hmm, maybe.

Why should you apply to be a Sherpee in the next cohort? Aside from all the free food you’ll develop a fun relationship with a woman who is there to support you in finding the answers to all your wonderfully weird STEM queries. You’ll gain work experience and become a part of a larger #womeninSTEM network!



3. You will find answers to questions you haven’t even asked yet.

There are known knowns, unknown knowns, known unknowns and unknown unknowns
The Sherpas learnt a lot from the Sherpees (reverse mentoring). The Sherpees also learnt about options they’d never been able to consider. We don’t just match you with someone doing the role you think you want to do. We match you with someone who can open your eyes to possibilities, and lift the lid on what it’s *really* like to work in Engineering.



4. Here’s our bonus point to complete this theme of four we are running with…

The most confident person still has a cheerleader – Confidence is gained from experience and the feedback of others.



Student to Stemette is now in its second year, we are currently running this opportunity across Birmingham & London. If you want to be a part of this and start your mentoring journey then sign up now.

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