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Curriculum White Paper 2024

Equitable Curriculum Reform: More and Diverse Female and Non-Binary Representation in The UK GCSE and A-Level Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Curriculum

Since our inception, a diverse set of role models has been central to our approach and subsequent success. At this juncture for Stemettes, there is sizeable opportunity to harness the power of our expertise and advocate for change. For our 10th birthday, we decided to pick up this mantle and take more direct action on diverse representation in the curriculum inspired by a 2023 letter written by Dinah Lewis, Jaynie S. and Ruben Persey.


Within this white paper, we will outline five recommendations, aimed at Government, Institutes, Industry, Educators and Parents & Carers. We have created these recommendations based on the insights generated from our research collated through a series of multi-stakeholder roundtable discussions around the UK, interviews, surveys and text-based research. We ask you to take action, read this white paper, digest the recommendations and share with your network for a more equitable future of STEM.

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