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Meet, Grow, Understand: The PA Foundation in Cambridge

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The lowdown

  • 18/10/2023
  • 10:00 – 16:00
  • Young women and no-binary students in KS3 & KS4 from schools in the Cambridge area
  • Hosted at The PA Foundation


Teachers, bring your KS3 & KS4 young women and non-binary students along to meet role models in STEM, grow their STEM skills and understand more about renewable energy and careers.


This event will: 

  • Bring your STEM learning to life with exciting hands-on learning
  • Inspire students to harness STEM careers
  • Boost confidence, presentation and teamwork skills


We will kick off the day at 10:00, with a welcome from Stemettes and a keynote speech from The PA Foundation. After a brief introduction to the STEM tools we will be using, we will spend time working in groups envisioning, shortlisting ideas, getting support from role models and designing, building and testing our ideas.

After a delicious (and free!) lunch, we will tour The PA Foundation labs to get us inspired for a STEM career! After we showcase our ideas and hand out exclusive prizes to the winning groups, we will close the day with a chat from The PA Foundation role models, to answer all of our burning questions, wrapping up at 16:00.


Theme: Harnessing energy to charge a mini electric car

Aim: Each team will have two tasks – use a variety of energy sources (gravitational, chemical, mechanical) to harvest as much energy as possible in the allotted time to charge up a battery. Build a mini car from a set of materials provided to be able to travel as far as possible. The battery and car will be combined and using The PA race track we will race the cars to determine the winning team!

Register for this event
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