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Meet our keynote speaker

Professor Mary Ryan CBE carries out several essential roles at Imperial College London. Mary is the Vice-Provost for Research and Enterprise, which means she is responsible for ensuring the College’s research and enterprise strategies are top-notch. She is also in charge of improving Imperial’s research quality and impact.

But that’s not all! Professor Ryan is an expert in Materials Science and Nanotechnology and leads a big group of researchers who study nanoscale materials and nanoscale interfaces and how they interact with their surroundings. Mary is really interested in using special techniques she has pioneered to study these materials, like using synchrotron science.

Part of Mary’s role is to look after Imperial’s 7 Global Challenge Institutes, who work on complex science and technology problems. The Institutes will host various events at the Festival, with talks and workshops delivered by their amazing researchers, hoping to engage and inspire all aspiring Stemettes joining the festival.

As well as STEMazing activities and workshops on offer from the STEM institutes, we will be hosting a variety of exciting sessions for all ages including tie-dye and the science behind it, hands-on machine learning and much more!

Data Science Institute logo on a navy background

Data Science Institute

The Data Science Institute focuses on advancing research and building community in the field of data science. They fuse data science with mathematics, statistics, and computer science to address problems in the sciences. Overall, they work in the pursuit of innovations for building and exploring big data sets.

An image of wind turbines and solar energy panels with the text 'Energy Futures Lab - An institute of Imperial College London' in white text in the foreground.

Energy Futures Lab

The Energy Futures Lab addresses global energy challenges. They aim to promote energy innovation for a sustainable energy future by bringing together science, engineering and policy.

Institute of Global Health Innovation logo in light blue text on a white background

Institute of Global Health Innovation

Researchers working at the Institute of Global Health Innovation are tackling some of the greatest global health challenges facing the world today. Their mission is to transform health for all and sustainably reduce inequalities in global health for generations to come.

Insitute of Infection logo on a white background

Institute of Infection

The Institute of Infection focuses on infection research that brings together Imperial scientists in Medicine, Natural Sciences, Engineering and Business. By bridging gaps, it speeds up and ensures the global impact of Imperial’s world-leading infection research community in finding solutions to infections and the diseases they cause.

Grantham Institute Climate Change and the Environment logo in blue text on a white background

Grantham Institute

The Grantham Institute at Imperial College London focuses on climate change and the environment - promoting scientists to work together to meet some of the greatest challenges faced by society.

Insitute for Molecular Science and Engineering logo on a white background

Institute for Molecular Science and Engineering

The Institute for Molecular Science and Engineering finds innovative molecular-based science and engineering solutions to the grand challenges facing our world. These include the race to realise a viable 'green' energy supply, and to tackle the growing threat of antimicrobial resistance.

Institute for Security Science and Technology logo on a light grey background

Institute for Security Science and Technology

The Institute for Security Science and Technology's mission is to show that security science impacts everyone in society, wherever they are in the world. The ISST's goal is to understand and solve complex, interrelated global challenges by creating and using world-leading science and technology.

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