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How Stemettes are committing to be a Role Model Employer

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4-Day Work Week

Stemette Futures always aim to do our best to ensure employee wellbeing, with part of that being a good work-life balance. Therefore, we have adopted a 4-day week, where employees will reduce from a 5-day to 4-day work week without a reduction in pay.

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Financial Wellbeing Support

We want to support and empower our employees with their financial well-being. Through Wagestream, employees are able to draw down on wages, access financial coaching, and get support with savings.

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Hybrid Working

We allow employees to work from home or Stemettes HQ. We also offer a fair amount of flexibility within the hours you work.

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Learning and Development

Stemette Futures believe in the importance of growth and upskilling for all employees. Therefore, we offer an L&D allowance to each employee to focus on developing and improving their skills in an area of their choice.

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Menstruation and Menopause Leave

Here at Stemette Futures, we recognise that people who menstruate need access to leave to support the management of their cycle (including when a menstruator is going through menopause). Employees can take unlimited full-paid leave to manage their cycle.

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Mental Health Days

We offer our employees half a day full-paid mental health & wellbeing day per month to relax and spend time away from their roles. Whilst working, we also offer our employees access to Headspace.

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Parent & Guardian Leave

We offer 5 days of paid leave for parents to look after their child/s welfare. This leave has also been designed to support our employees who are guardians and have live-in family dependents to care for.

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We match Pension Contributions up to 8% for our employees.

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Social Time

We believe it is important for our employees to get to know each other. Therefore, we have buddy time each week for employees to chat, as well as sanctuary hour, where all employees take part in a social activity from pottery painting to quizzes.

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Winter Shutdown

We value our employees' efforts all year round and celebrate this together with a winter break. Our employees receive two weeks' leave on full pay and in addition to our holiday package.