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Industry Visits

We host 'STEM Goals' school trips into partner companies, as well as public events that you can bring a group to. Sign up to our Teachers Newsletter to be the first to hear about our opportunities.

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We Can Visit You

If you're somewhere remote, we can come onsite to run a Tap & Tinker technical session, host a panel or do something more tailored. Drop us a line and we can fix a date.

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Recreate Stemettes-style experiences for your community via a weekly club run by young women. Introduce new female STEAM role models and STEAM careers in a fun and informal way.

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School Session Formats
STEM GoalsThis experience will normally be funded by the employer.For maximum impact, join us for a 'STEM Goals' experience at a UK STEAM employer. We'll teach you a related STEAM skill (with a mini competition & prizes), give a tour of the best parts of the building and learn more about STEAM careers with a panel and networking session.
Tap & TinkerOver 3 or 6 hours Stemettes will help you create a basic game (Year 6 & 7), mobile app (Year 8 & 9), data visualisation (Year 10 & 11) or website (Year 12) related to a STEAM topic of your choosing (or not). Students will also hear about the careers of the Stemettes role models in attendance.
Afternoon With...Over 1.5 hours we'll run a panel event complete with Question Time, Networking games and Prizes at your school. Students will hear from women in a diverse set of STEAM roles.
SpecialsSometimes we work on new formats in partnership with STEAM companies.In 2015 we ran #NEDigitalGirls - an event for 30 schools in the Newcastle area, in partnership with Accenture. In 2016 this became #GirlsinSTEM: an event across 5 locations.In 2018 we ran a #MonsterConfidence tour with jobsite Monster.co.uk in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol and Derry.