Run at lunchtime or afterschool, you'll have your own local Stemettes inspiring the school community and doing a range of STEM activities related to real women in STEM and their career. The Stemillions club is an extra-curricula activity that can be completed at your own pace. Working through a series of Stemillions activities as a team via the Stemette Society, your club will work towards certificates and prizes as part of a nationwide programme.

Adult Led Clubs

Run a Stemillions club for students in your school or local community. After taking part in a short Stemillions course (20-30 mins), you will have access to 12 Meal Plans based around a diverse range of role models and their careers. Follow along with our tutorial videos, national curriculum links and download all the Meal Plans for free.

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Student Led Clubs

Students aged 13+ can run their own Stemillions club for their peers and friends. The student-lead can develop their leadership skills whilst running their own extra-curricular club with the support of an adult. Work through the Meal Plans at your own pace for free via the Stemette Society.

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What did you enjoy most about the sessions?

“Listening to all the things that Merritt accomplished when people had doubt in her.”

Merritt Moore week

“I enjoyed talking about my design! I also loved meeting Anne!”

Anne Pacros week

“I enjoyed testing the columns and seeing which ones worked. I especially enjoyed that it was also linked to art so that we could solve issues in a fun, creative way”

Roma Agrawal week

“EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Especially using the tomatoes to make the phases of the moon!”

Katherine Johnson week

“Creating our own STEM-themed Google Doodles and learning about what it’s like to work for Google.”

Angela Taylor week

“I enjoyed making the different types of aeroplanes – 2 sonic jets, 1 fast glider and 1 fun flyer. The second sonic jet I made was my favourite. It was light pink, white and light blue.”

Sheila Scott week

“I enjoyed designing roads and cars because it was very appealing to be little engineers and designers today. Thank you to all the Stemettes for the extremely fun lesson.”

Pooja Godhania week

“Learning about a Muslim because I am also a Muslim. It was inspiring to see someone of my religion as a mathematician.”

Maryam Mirzakhami week