Here is everything you need to know about setting up your Stemillions club.


- Leadership role opportunity

- Exposure to real industry role models, career options on a regular basis

- Grow your own STEM community to boost your confidence and the confidence of others

- Opportunities to connect with industry people near you

- Food & fun & STEM regularly

- The Stemette Life is bae

WHAT you'll need

- a regular weekly slot of at least 30mins, during lunchtime or after school

- Somewhere to meet that has wifi, access to pens/paper, and that you can eat in/play audio

- The support of a teacher or responsible adult (we can help you with this)

- The OtotheB app & an OtotheB username
- Access to or the app at school/club venue

WHAT you'll get

- Weekly “Meal Plans” activity packs with role model videos

- Stemettes merchandise for your club

- A live ‘Agony Aunt’ session with industry

- End of term certificates of participation for club members

- Exclusives from Stemettes HQ

- You could win our termly prize

- (In remote areas, a club mentor)


- Sign up to run a club and our sorting hat puts you in a house

- Get club resources from our online platform

- Post responses into the platform, for points

- Grow your club, and send us a weekly register of attendees

- End of term house points turn into prizes

- You contribute to a growing community & network of millions of young STEM people.

- The world is a better place because of you. We do it all again next term.

Start collecting points - start your own Stemillions club!

Do you have:

  • Have a proposed club leader (young person)?
  • Have a regular slot of at least 30 minutes, and somewhere to meet that has Wifi access, space and access to pen & paper?
  • Have the OtotheB app and an OtotheB username?
  • Have access to or the Mightybell app at your meeting place?
  • Have the details of your supporting teacher/adult?