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Ørsted X Stemillions

Are you a Primary School Teacher looking for STEM inspiration? Look no further!


Apply for our Ørsted Stemillions Box to learn more about 10 role models and their STEMazing careers. These 10 role models will work within the exciting field of renewable energy…

More Information
What's Involved?After learning about 10 different role models from Ørsted, you and your students will be able to choose between 2 hands-on activities that relate to their careers so students can investigate each job role further. For example: Your students will learn about Georgea, a Wind Turbine Engineer at Ørsted. After learning about her job, students will build their own wind turbine using card, straws, paper plates and other materials (all provided by us!) OR create their own comic strip on how wind turbines work.
What's The Aim Of The Programme?This box is designed to increase awareness of STEM careers and confidence in students' own STEM abilities.
Who Is It For?This box is recommended for 10 students in Key Stage 2. Schools in Barrow, Birkenhead & East Anglia are eligible.
How Much Does It Cost?The boxes are fully funded by Ørsted, which makes it free for you.

What will I receive?


  • A box full of all the materials and resources you’ll need to run your STEM Club
  • Session plans – including links to the National Curriculum
  • Student Handouts
  • Slideshows to accompany each session
  • Vegan Sweets
Applications Open

If you think this Stemillions programme is right for your students, apply below and we will be in touch very soon.