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Mentee FAQs

Interested in becoming a mentee but have a couple of questions? Take a look at our FAQ section below. Can’t find the answer here? message us at team@stemettes.org.

FAQs for Mentees
What is expected from me as a Mentee?Respect for others and for your Mentors time and efforts as well as positive energy and enthusiasm.
How often should I be contacting my Mentor?Please stick between the hours of 9am and 6pm unless you have agreed otherwise. You can message within Microsoft Teams, via email or text message, you can also use Whatsapp if previously agreed.
Do I get work experience? Yes, you and your Mentor will contact companies and reach out to people on LinkedIn and research opportunities. Your Mentor will then help you apply for these experiences.
If I have any other issues regarding my Mentor or the general programme or personal problems what should I do? Please get in touch straight away via email to team@stemettes.org
What are the technical requirements? (WiFi, software, a device etc)Access to a device with stable internet connection, a camera/microphone & the Microsoft Teams app installed
What happens if I can't make the Matching Evening? If you can't make the evening where you meet all the Mentors will we match you via your online application and complete an onboarding call with you to explain the programme in more detail.
What support do I receive?A Mentee handbook as well as support from Stemette Society, regular email support from the programme lead. If needed you can also request phone support.
What happens if I don't like the Mentor I've been matched with? Please get in touch via email with team@stemettes.org. We will arrange a call to go through our exit interview and if suitable we will re-match you both with a more suitable match. Being re-matched can take up to 2 weeks from receiving your initial email.
What if I am interested in a different field of STEM than my Mentor? Your Mentor is there to help you with developing your life skills and expanding your network. They can help connect you with people in the STEM field you are interested in and support you to reach out and find work placement opportunities.
Where do you meet your Mentor?Currently, STS meetings are taking place on Microsoft Teams. A unique login will be created for you & your mentor ahead of the programme, where you can communicate, video call & more.
What do I do if my mentor doesn't respond? If you have sent them an email and a text message and tried to call them and they have not responded to you within 3 days. Please email team@stemettes.org
How formal should I be to my Mentor?Start in a professional formal way. Then the tone will be set after your first meeting together. A mentor should be shown respect but also you will be getting to know each other as two equals and every mentorship is different. You should wear whatever makes you feel comfortable, without making others around you uncomfortable (smart-casual).
What do I do if I have a problem and I wish to exit the programme? Email team@stemettes.org. We complete an exit interview with you and remove you from the programme.