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A "hackathon"

Spend a day or two creating with technology - make a website, game, app or something else using the provided technology, whilst you have some food and enjoy some music. Read about our hackathon in Manchester.

A panel event or 'Stemette Futures Summit'

Meet a panel of women (and one man) from industry as they share their career journeys, favourite cheese and some advice.  Read all about this London panel event.

An Academy

Lasting from 1 to 5 days, we bring together small groups of young women and nonbinary young people from across the country to learn a new skill or gain a new qualification. Learn more here.

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More than a mentor

You deserve more than a mentor. We'll match you up with someone who works in industry and you'll work towards a proper goal over 4 months.

Work experience

Spend up to a week at a real STEM office and see the industry up close.

Free trip to a top tech conference

A selection of participants head to an industry event with hundreds or thousands of women in STEM.

Current participants and alumni have shared their experiences on our blog.