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Primary & Secondary Teaching Resources

Dive into STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Maths) with Stemettes!

Introduce your primary and secondary school-age pupils to STEAM activities and women role models with our FREE downloadable resources.


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Two Stemettes tinkering with a machine.

What's on offer?

✔ 5 inspiring activity sheets
✔ The chance to learn more about role models in STEM & STEAM
✔ The chance to explore their jobs and achievements

A tablet showing a drawing of a car and a paper prototype of a car.

When are they used?

✔ As an extra-curricular club run at lunchtime or after school
✔ Incorporated into your lesson plans
✔ To mark Science Week or other key events in your school diary

A piece of paper with multiple drawings and words on it, including project names and ideas.

What can I expect?

✔ Activities exploring all the different areas in STEAM
✔ Hands-on 'MAKE' activities
✔ Exciting 'EXPLORE' activities

A whiteboard with a pestle and mortar and test tube on top.

How will students benefit?

✔ A way to make STEM and STEAM learning fun for your students
✔ Useful curriculum-based learning and links to use in classrooms
✔ Activities linked to the National Curriculum

How do they look?

Each activity sheet is set up like a menu for you to work through at your own pace. Each sheet contains:

  • A Starter – where you and the students will meet the role model and understand more about them and their job.
  • A Main – where the students will get the option of 2 hands-on activities to take part in, you can either do 1 activity for a 30-minute session, or both activities for a 60-minute session.
  • A Dessert – where students can reflect on what they’ve learnt and made in the session.
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