Meet Our Youth Board

Take a look at our current Stemettes Youth Board members and learn more about what they do. Do you want to join? Check out our vacancies.

Floriane Fidegnon – Chairperson

Floriane is the Chairperson of the Stemette Futures youth board and trustee for the main charity board. She joined the Stemettes in 2013 as part of their Outbox Incubator programme and has been an active Stemette since – speaking, volunteering wherever possible.  She is passionate about encouraging young people into STEM and is a strong advocate of inclusion in STEM as a means to promote diversity.  At her work, Floriane is also the Head of Industry, Technology and Innovation team at Policy Connect where she oversees the policy work for 3 All-Party Parliamentary Groups: Manufacturing, Design and Innovation and Technology as well as 3 research commissions.

Ayushi Khetani – Vice Chair

Ayushi is the Vice-Chair of the Stemette Futures Youth Board. At work, she is a Software Engineering Apprentice, studying towards a degree in Digital and Technology Solutions at Queen Mary University. She is a member of the Young Apprentice Ambassador Network and has worked with multiple schools to make students aware of the benefits of an apprenticeship.  She has been a part of multiple Stemette events and programs such as the STS Mentoring Scheme. Currently, Ayushi is a Super Stemette and an active member of the Stemette society.

Ramneek Ahluwalia – Accessibility Consultant

Ramneek is an electrical engineering student at City University of London and an aspiring design engineer. As a visually impaired woman in STEM, she has faced a number of challenges, but her resilience and determination has led her to come out the other side much stronger.  In the Stemettes Youth Board, Ramneek is the accessibility consultant and is able to share her story with fellow Stemettes – showing them that regardless of their background, ethnicity and disability, that they can still be a part of the STEM industry. She is also an active advocate for inclusion and diversity within the STEM community, with the help of the STEMazing Stemettes.

Catrina Carrigan – Regional Consultant for the Republic of Ireland

Catrina is the Republic of Ireland regional consultant for the Stemette Futures Youth Board. She graduated with a B.Sc. in Enterprise Computing from Dublin City University in 2020 and is currently studying UX Design at the Dún Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology.  Since 2018 she is a director of the Irish charity Teen-Turn which aims to provide teen girls the opportunity to gain hands-on STEM experience so that they can visualise themselves in those kinds of careers and therefore make third level course choices accordingly.

Jessica Levett –  Regional Consultant for the South West

At work, Jess is one of the youngest Scrum Masters for software development in the world. 20-year-old Jessica Levett has been involved with Stemettes since she was 14 and credits the organisation for the support she received along her journey into a STEM career. Jessica says her other interests include seeing the best in people and she has a passion for creating organic diversity within organizations and seeing the strengths in individuals. Jessica’s uncle signed her and her cousins up for the Stemettes Rise Hack for International Women’s Day in March 2016. From that point, she went on to take part in several events and interventions over the years.

Tara Lekan-Olawoye – Regional Consultant for South England

Omotara, who usually goes by Tara, is the South England Regional Consultant on the Stemette Futures Youth Board. She is an A-level student in Essex studying Computer Science, Physics, Maths and Further Maths. She hopes to see more of her peers develop an interest in STEM subjects and wants to raise awareness of the opportunities a career in this sector can bring. In her spare time, she enjoys programming, performing arts and watching comedy films.