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Meet our Youth Board

Take a look at our current Stemettes Youth Board members and learn more about what they do. Do you want to join? Check out our vacancies.

Tosin Sonubi – Chairperson

At work, Tosin is a Data Engineer in financial services. She actively advocates for the responsible and ethical use of data. Tosin Sonubi studied BEng in Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering at Warwick University, where she found her passion for data. During her time here, she pursued a transition into tech, self-teaching herself programming. Tosin is passionate about ‘paying it forwards’ as she has been impacted directly by outreach. While at university, she began engaging with initiatives and organisations centering on the next generations in STEAM.

Rhea Shah – Vice Chair

Rhea is currently a Year 12 student studying Computer Science, Economics, Geography and Maths. She has an interest in pursuing a degree in Computer Science and also wants to be an advocate for all things STEM. Her aim is to pass on her knowledge to those younger than her and to continue empowering others. Rhea has been involved in the STS Mentorship Programme with Standard Chartered in 2022 and also attended the Python Certification course with PA Foundation. In her free time, she enjoys playing the violin and playing hockey with her friends.

Alice Smith – Accessibility Advisor

Alice (she/her) is an External Affairs Apprentice, attempting to change the world through STEM, sports, and social action. As a neurodivergent and disabled young woman, she hasn’t taken a conventional route within STEM, work, and wider academics. She attended her first Stemettes event in March 2020 and continued to attend events through the periods of covid restrictions: notably taking part in STS with the Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS F1 team. Alice is also a wheelchair basketball player and official, as well as a Girlguiding Hertfordshire lead volunteer. Sporting-wise, as a player she represented England at U’18 level and has international ambitions as a table official. With an aim for a career in operations within motorsport as well as continuing to work in policy, she wants to pave the way for more underrepresented groups to shine within the world whilst making impactful change on a large scale.

Aminah Haider – North East Regional Advisor

Aminah has recently concluded her GCSEs and is going into Year 12. With a keen interest in pursuing a degree in computer science, she also aspires to be a catalyst for positive change within her city. Her aim is to bridge socioeconomic disparities, ensuring that equal opportunities are accessible to all. Aminah attended her first Stemettes event in her hometown of Newcastle. Observing Stemettes unwavering backing for young women like herself aspiring to excel in STEAM fields, she found herself inspired and is eager to contribute to Stemettes and collaborate with likeminded peers that reflect her determination to cultivate a diverse ecosystem that empowers young individuals to embrace Stemette’s full spectrum of possibilities.

Bola Rabiu – South East Regional Advisor

Bola is a current member of Stemettes and a Solutions Engineer degree apprentice at the University of West London. Passionate about inclusive STEAM education, she actively engages with schools, social media, and events to promote diversity and equality in these fields. As a recipient of the Jack Petchey Award for STEAM advocacy, Bola’s dedication to empowering young individuals in these fields is recognized. Bola is a valued member of the London Apprentice Ambassador Network, she strives to inspire and provide accessible opportunities for all. Bola is a true believer in the power of mentorship and has actively participated in multiple Stemettes events and programs, further fostering her commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion in STEAM.

Elleanore Philips – Social Media Advisor

I’m Elleanore, a GCSE student and the Social Media Advisor for the Stemettes Future Youth Board.  My first Stemettes event was a panel and I’ve joined many events since, including hackathons, outbox, STS and more! I joined the Stemettes Society to connect with other young people interested in STEM. I’ve been a Super Stemette, creating events and STEM recommendation posts. I’m passionate about showing others fascinating careers in STEM, particularly maths! I aim to highlight the STEMazing events Stemettes offer through Stemettes’ social media. I won the 2022 Maths Through Stories competition. I enjoy reading, playing the piano and creating art.

Grace – East Midlands Regional Advisor

Grace is the East Midlands Regional Advisor. Having just finished her A-levels in Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Further Maths and an EPQ, she will soon be starting an automotive engineering degree with the goal to work as a motorsport engineer. Her curiosity and love for STEM led her to Stemettes, joining the Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS F1 cohort of the STS programme, and she has gone on to gain work experience with top automotive companies and motorsport teams. She aims to raise awareness of Stemettes in her area, giving back and sharing the benefits that joining Stemettes’ fun and insightful events can bring. Outside of studying, she enjoys playing the violin, reading, and learning Italian.

Iyin O – Treasurer

Iyin currently sits as the Treasurer of Stemettes Futures Youth Board. Her journey with Stemettes began through a Bank of America Quant Work Experience. This experience not only solidified her enthusiasm for coding but also ignited a fascination for its applications in the finance sector. As she pursues a BSc in Economics, Iyin plans to strategically apply her skills to pioneer new implementations that strengthen the board’s finances. Iyin has a true passion for nurturing the growth of young women in STEM alongside empowering them to achieve their potential in a culture of inclusivity. Iyin is committed to accelerating this mission through her role.

Jana Jhaveri – Financial Advisor

Jana is a 19-year-old student from Mumbai, India. She completed the CAIE IGCSE and the International Baccalaureate (IB) and is now studying Computer Science (BSc) at Cardiff University where she is also an Academic Student Rep. She loves almost all aspects of STEM and technology-related topics and thoroughly enjoys coding, designing websites and networking with various professionals in STEM fields. It is her love for STEM that brought her to be a member of the Stemettes Society and she is constantly looking for opportunities to take part in events.

Jiya Mehta – East England Regional Advisor

Jiya Mehta is the Regional Advisor for East England. Currently, she is studying Biology, Chemistry and Maths for her A-levels. She hopes to study medicine in the future. Jiya is a Girlguiding advocate and has used this role to speak about appearance pressures due to social media and the gender gap in the STEM industry. Jiya is the founder of STEM Medley which is a platform that aims to actively encourage today’s youth into STEM. Last year STEM Medley was a finalist in the ‘Your Game Plan’ competition.

Lee Whitaker – Republic of Ireland Regional Advisor

Dia duit! I’m Lee and my pronouns are she/her. I’m a final-year astrophysics student at UCC and am hoping to pursue a PhD in computational astrophysics next year! During my undergraduate degree, I’ve undertaken research on the mass evolution of supermassive black holes and this sparked my interest in computational physics. I have always loved maths, science, and all things problem-solving and have been fascinated by space for years so I’m really fortunate that I was encouraged to pursue STEM in college. I am passionate about helping everyone have the same access to STEM and all the opportunities that come along with it and want to make sure all the young girls and non-binary students know that they belong in STEM too.

Manahil Irshad – West Midlands Regional Advisor

Manahil Irshad is the West Midlands Regional Advisor. She is currently studying BTEC Level 3 Engineering, with hopes for a career in aerospace engineering. She is also passionate about opening the eyes of many young/teen girls who would like a career in STEM, especially engineering. Outside of school, she is an RAF cadet and a part of the Royal Aeronautical Society.

Nell Anders – North East Regional Advisor

Hi! My name is Nell, and my pronouns are she/they. I’m currently a Degree Apprentice at Accenture – studying Digital and Technology Solutions! I have loved technology ever since I was 14 – and always knew I’d end up in computer science. Thanks to the invaluable support of the Stemettes I got the confidence to reach my goal. The company means so much to me, and I can’t wait to help inspire the next generation of change-makers. We can do anything we put our minds to.

Rachel Ryan – North West Regional Advisor

Rachel is the Regional Advisor for the North West. She is an A-level student from Prescot, Merseyside – studying Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Geography, with a passion for design and architecture. In her free time, she loves singing in her school choir and solo. She has been a member of the Stemette Society since 2021. She aims to increase the awareness of Stemettes within her region, hoping that it will inspire a greater interest in STEM amongst young people.

Vindya Prabhu – Wales Regional Advisor

Vindya is the Wales Regional Advisor for the Stemette Futures Youth Board. She is interested in the applications of technology in healthcare and is currently taking a gap year before studying medicine at Cardiff University in 2024. Her first Stemettes event “How AI works” was in 2018, and since then, she has been a Super Stemette in the Stemette Society, attended lots of Stemettes events, and hosted several Connect & Explore sessions! Vindya is extremely passionate about providing inclusive opportunities to inspire and encourage young people into STEAM & also to support and empower them throughout their STEAM journey. As well as volunteering with St John Ambulance Cymru, Vindya runs a medical society and has just completed a research internship with the Young Scientists Journal.