In computer science GCSE, you will be studying both theory and practical.

The theory is topics like computational thinking (how a computer thinks so binary stuff), system architecture (Vonn Neumann things), memory (RAM and ROM), and so on. This part of computer science is very hard, but all GCSE subjects have their difficulties.

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I think it’s great to start early with computer science – the more you know the better but the best part about computer science is that you can start anytime at any age. If you have already chosen your options and regret not choosing computer science, it’s fine. There are tons of free online classes like EDX Harvard class, which I am currently doing right now, can teach you the basics of computer science and code. 

 I think that computer science is an awesome subject to learn. Most jobs nowadays require things like websites which is a topic in IT. Things like coding are very important in everyday jobs and coding can save you tons of money. If you learn how to code fluently and know a lot of the computer science theory you will have a range of jobs to choose from such as AI engineering, software development, or backend and frontend jobs.  

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Now to the good stuff: the pay! Computer scientists often get paid between £70,000 and more. This is a lot of money if you’ll ask me. Massive apps such as Google, Facebook, and Instagram all need computer scientists to make their dreams come true. Even though computer science is becoming more known, we need more computer scientist so the demand for the job is high.

This piece was written by Stemette Society member, Tammy Adekoya.

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