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As a starter, I’d recommend Maths as it is a purely problem-solving subject. (HOWEVER, IT IS NOT ALWAYS NECESSARY). I enjoyed Maths so much I did Further Maths :). Then, since I wanted to do Aerospace, Physics was the next logical option. It was actually my love for physics that got me into Engineering. Then, the rest is up to you! Ideally, you should choose subjects you will enjoy. But if there is a subject requirement for the course you want to do, then see whether you’d be happy studying it.

– Tatjana, Aerospace Engineering student

Many university engineering courses ask for Maths, Physics and Further Maths A-Levels. (If you are doing the IB, this would be Maths HL). Depending on the kind of engineering you want to do, Chemistry may also be useful. Remember, university is not the only option! Apprenticeships could be another option. Do what works for you, but keep your end goal in mind.

– Lydia, IB student

When I look at what subjects I would need to be an Engineer, Physics and Maths are really important. If you want to specialise, for example in Biomedical or Chemical Engineering. It might be useful to study Biology or Chemistry respectively.

– Maddie, GCSE student

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