5 Dec 2022

A Day In The Life Of A Principal Solution Engineer


Hi! I’m Julia, a Principal Solution Engineer and Team Lead at Alida.

A typical day for me can include several aspects of my role. My core responsibility is to partner with the sales team to work on new business opportunities and customer success to drive renewals and expansion opportunities. I work with brands to identify how our solutions will solve their business pain and the metrics needed to measure the impact of a program with us. I take that information, and more, to deliver highly-customized product demonstrations that bring our technology to life and get our customers and prospects excited about partnering with Alida. Finally, I help compose the business case proposal, providing solution content, custom product screenshots and videos, and value realization plans to drive deals to close.

For some opportunities, I’ll help complete RFPs or RFIs (Requests for Proposal or Requests for Information), a less exciting but important part of my role. For other opportunities, I get to dial up my creativity to deliver high-impact hype videos that summarize the solution and get our customers’ stakeholders excited about the offering to push deals forward. I do everything from writing the script and recording the voiceover to sometimes recording and editing the video too. I love opportunities to blend the technical with the creative – art and science.

Outside of my core responsibilities, I’m also a people leader. I support my team’s personal development and career growth and work with the global team to drive high-quality, consistent, value-based content. In addition, I work with product managers to bridge the gap between what we hear from prospective customers and the UI/UX improvements and innovative ideas my team comes up with using the platform daily to inform future product development. Finally, I also lead global knowledge management for our employees, business partners and customers with our demo briefcase, a resource filled with product information, high-level demo videos, screenshot and description decks, how-to videos, talk tracks and more.

What I enjoy most about my career is blending my technical understanding, creativity, storytelling, empathetic leadership approach, and executive presence into every internal and external engagement – using my multifaceted skills to drive value for our customers and Alida.

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