28 Jun 2022

Any Advice For Changing To A New Secondary School?


Moving to a new secondary school can be a daunting process, there’s a lot to get your head around so we are here to break it down and help you get through this big move. It’s okay if you are a bit worried about this move. It’s a huge change so don’t downplay this.

Ask Questions

On your first day, ask plenty of questions. Your teachers and form tutor will be supportive of all your questions and will be able to give you the correct information.

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Some schools will provide you with a student mentor, this is a person you can go to and you can trust their answers. They will be able to let you know where to find classrooms.  If not, ask your teachers and tutors. Don’t spend too much energy learning the layout of the school on the first day, ask your teachers for this information. Focus more on getting to know people.

Be Confident

First impressions are important. When people talk to you, don’t be nervous – if you are, fake it! Anxious feelings and excitement both have the same effect on the body, if you feel nervous, try telling yourself this is just excitement.

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Be confident and make eye contact. Don’t worry about what others might think of you, be yourself and be nice to everyone, you never know when you might come across another student and which friendships will stick.  Some people could know others you’d rather be friends with or introduce you to more people.

Be confident around teachers as well. If you let them know you are new they can often pair you up or seat you with a nice student. Letting a teacher know you are new will also let them know you might not be familiar with their teaching techniques or with the current studies if you are moving during the academic year.

Get Involved

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Try joining after-school or lunchtime clubs as a way to meet new people. Team sports or activities are an especially great way to bond with new people. Get involved with your lessons too, if your teacher sets you group work or paired work, try getting to know this new group.

Keep In Touch

Chat to your friends from your old secondary school. At the end of the day, you might feel a little overwhelmed by what you are going through. Lean on your old friends and tell them how it’s going. You will feel better after chatting with someone you trust and being your true honest self. You can also turn to your parents/guardians. They will want to know how you are finding it and if you are finding it tough, be honest.

This is not an extensive list of everything you should do to prep for your big move, but it’s a good place to start. The best thing you can do is to chat to people about how you are finding this process. Try not to view this move as scary, but try reframing this as an exciting opportunity. You never know, you might find a new best friend for life or a teacher who really inspires you. Embrace this change – you got this.

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