8 Oct 2019

Stemette Approved Resource: Learn to Code With Glitch


Have you ever wanted to code, but could never find the right tool to do so? Meet Glitch…

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The perfect, free platform where you can learn to code and experiment with new languages. Glitch has a variety of languages that you can learn, ranging from HTML to CSS to Javascript.


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Throughout Glitch, you will find fun and encouraging interface as well as having access to logs and consoles. The tool also gives you the opportunity to continue or “remix” previous projects as well as building on others. The entire idea of Glitch is to foster “an open and welcoming” site for anyone to access for coding.

For Glitch, there are more than 10 tutorials that teach you how to use the tool as well as how to use different languages:

Watch the W3 Schools CSS tutorials below…

W3 Schools

CSS >>
JavaScript >>

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or expert, Glitch is a great tool to use to learn a new coding language, try out new code and build new things. We love to use Glitch to build fun website templates because you can share them with your friends or colleagues easily and securely. 

What we really enjoy, is how Glitch will input closing tags automatically, this is really handy if you are a beginner or are in a rush with your coding, it will save you time hunting for that one unclosed tag. 

New to coding? Get started with the tutorials above. Once you are feeling more confident, use the internet to search for code you can copy and paste into Glitch to help build your designs quickly and efficiently. Many coders share their ideas and code on forums you can easily copy and paste into your own code.

Get to grips with JavaScript >>
Learn the basics of CSS >>

This article was written by Stemette, Florrie

Last updated March 2022.

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