31 May 2021

Meet Libby Denchfield

Cyber Security

In the past, if we went to the bank to put money away it would be kept in a vault, hidden away with a code that only a few knew. Now, we use digital banking and can make payments and transfers without ever seeing the cash in person. This makes buying things a lot easier, but we have to be aware of hackers who make it their purpose to get access to our money. Sure, there were people who would rob physical banks, but online hackers find a way of being more discreet and untraceable and this makes them all the more dangerous.

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This is where Libby comes in.

Libby’s title is the Global Head of Operations for the Group Chief Information Security Risk Officer at Standard Chartered. A long job title which basically means that Libby helps to keep your data safe from hackers who want to access your money. She has over 20 years of experience in banking and has worked in conduct (learning how people behave) making her perfect for her role.

So, how does she do it?

Well, a large part of her job is education. She teaches people both inside and outside of Standard Chartered about what it means to keep ourselves safe online. She gives classes on topics such as spotting fake emails and setting up secure passwords, so the chances of getting attacked by a hacker are minimised.

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However, Libby’s work is never done.

As criminals as constantly getting smarter- Libby and her team must too so that they can always stay one step ahead. She doesn’t mind this, though, because it means she gets the chance to help people and learn how they work, and these are her favourite parts of her job.

A massive thank you to Libby from Standard Chartered for joining us for Easter Explore.

Last updated May 2021.

Cyber Security
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