7 Jun 2022

Can You Solve This Science Crossword?


Roche crossword

To solve this science crossword, all you have to do is fill the squares with letters, forming words or phrases, by solving clues, which lead to the answers. You can check your answers below.


3. The first name of the founder of modern nursing who is nicknamed the ‘Lady with the Lamp’

The answer is…

4. English mathematician and writer who helped build the first computer programme (3,8)

The answer is…

7. French physicist and chemist best known for her contributions to radioactivity who in 1911 won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for her discovery of the elements polonium and radium (5,5)

The answer is…


1. The mechanism plants use to convert sunlight into energy

The answer is…

2. What did American inventor Josephine Cochran invent in 1872?

The answer is…

5. English Chemist Rosalind Franklin used a technique called X-ray crystallography in order to help discover the structure of what molecule

The answer is…

6. This essential gas is important so we can breathe.

The answer is…

7. What is the nearest planet to the sun?

The answer is…

A massive thank you to Roche for creating this crossword puzzle

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