18 Nov 2019

How Did You Decide to Study Engineering?


We asked Stemette Society members how they decided which engineering course was for them. Read all about it below!

How would you explain what Engineering is, to a 14-year-old?

Engineering is fixing a problem in an innovative (and sustainable) way. – Maddie, GCSE student

In my eyes, engineers are problem solvers. They are professionals who invent, analyse, build and test machines, structures and systems that solve real-world problems. 
– Tatjana, Aerospace Engineering student

For me, engineering is finding new, more efficient solutions to seemingly fixed problems and problems that no one has stopped to think about yet. It’s thinking about life from a different perspective and figuring out how to make it better and anyone who is ready to do so could and should consider becoming an engineer.
– Lydia, IB student

I consider engineering to be the theoretical and practical application of mathematics and science, which are used to determine solutions to an array of problems that we face in our society. These solutions could be created entirely from scratch to solve the unsolved, or simply develop existing creations that we already have to make improvements.
– Jada, Student

How did you know that Engineering is what you wanted to do?

I decided that I wanted to do engineering because I enjoy problem-solving and want to help people. I also like designing which is a part of engineering. 
– Maddie, GCSE student

I knew I wanted to be an engineer when I stumbled into coding a few years ago – I was given lots of different projects in lots of different programming languages and had to figure out how to make them work. A few months into different courses, I realised that I didn’t want to stop coding and that there were careers that could stem from it, so now I want to be a software developer/engineer. Following your interests can lead you to things you never knew existed, as mine did!
– Lydia, IB student

I wasn’t actually sure where to begin with the branch of engineering I wanted to pursue, all I knew is that I really enjoyed mathematics and physics at school, and was really excited that I could pursue a career that allowed me to do both! However, after careful consideration and lots of research, I decided to opt for Mechanical Engineering. I felt like it was a great choice for me because I have many interests in engineering such as sustainable energy forms, designing and manufacturing processes of technology, and so this branch of engineering has allowed me to explore content that could be applied to all of these things and more!
– Jada, Student

For more information regarding Engineering check out: EngineeringUK >>

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