The Female Lead on YouTube

Did you know that you can build your own music player at home? That’s exactly what Limor did, and it inspired her to found her own company.

Limor enjoys building things with her hands. After doing a theory-based engineering degree, she decided to create something more hands-on. She wanted to be creative with electronics. One of her first projects was building her own MP3 player. After she uploaded a tutorial video online the idea took off.

Limor founded do-it-yourself electronics company Adafruit. They have over 850 online tutorials that cover everything from basic skills, like cutting wire, to advanced projects like building fire-breathing masks for Halloween. Check them out on YouTube.

Limor believes that they are “showing people that engineering isn’t just the physics of how a transistor works. It’s using technology, being creative with it and solving problems. Or creating something beautiful with it”. She thinks this is opening up engineering to a whole new group of people who never thought engineering was for them.

She says one of the best parts of being an engineer is that you can look how you like. She calls her hair colour ‘Adafruit Pink’.

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