Katy Toms is an accomplished Senior Civil Engineer for a global engineering firm WSP.

Katy Toms is an accomplished Senior Civil Engineer for a global engineering firm WSP.

From the age of 16, Toms knew she wanted to be an engineer after watching an engineering TV show actually on the Falkirk Wheel. Toms went on to study at Plymouth University and graduated in 2011 with a civil and coastal engineering degree.

University of Plymouth – Science and Engineering

After graduating she moved to London to design power lines. She has also been the project manager for the A43 Moulton Bypass in Northampton. She then moved back to Exeter where she is a Senior Engineer at WSP.

Her day-to-day work now involves design work on computers, checking drawings, meeting clients to discuss projects and visiting projects when they are being constructed on-site.

Institute of Civil Engineers

“I love my job and that I can work on projects that improve people’s lives, even if it’s just helping them get home 15 minutes quicker every day to spend time with their families.”


When asked about what advice she would give to anyone considering STEM for their future careers…

“Just go for it. Careers in STEM are amazing! Try and get some work experience with someone who has a role you are interested in, they will probably love to have someone to talk about their job to and inspire you into something similar.”

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