For our February Explore Programme we heard from a number of STEMazing cybersecurity professionals on how we can keep ourselves, and those around us, safe online. For this session, we were joined by Amy and Patrick from GCHQ.

All cybersecurity professionals work within the boundaries of the law. But, is this all there is to it? There can be a lot of ethical issues to consider if you want to work within cybersecurity.

Personal Ethical Issues

  • As a person working within cybersecurity, it is important to always think about how you approach your decision making when you are faced with a problem. It can be tempting to talk to colleagues and friends about what you have found, but you should take these issues straight to your manager or a legal expert.
  • When you are unsure about what to do, ask yourself: Does this feel right to you? Would you feel ok if someone did it to you? Will this have any lasting repercussions?

Corporate Ethical Issues

  • In a workplace, you might be sure you are working within the law, but you should also check you are working within the policies that your company has set because this could cost you your job!
  • In a workplace, consider: Does this reflect values and culture? Could this adversely affect stakeholders?

Now you know all the issues to consider beforehand, are you considering a job in cybersecurity? If so, take a look at these sites to help you:

Thank you to Amy and Patrick from GCHQ for chatting to the Academy stream of Explore.

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