Delving a little deeper into what makes these careers so different.

Interested in Software Development? You’ve probably heard the terms frontend and backend developers thrown around a bit, but this article will delve a little deeper into what they both actually mean.


Frontend developers design how websites and apps look to users. They are sometimes referred to as Web Designers, User Interface (UI) Designer, User Experience (UX) Designer, Front-End Engineer or Front-End Developers.

These developers mainly use HTMLCSSJavascript. Frontend developers should have some skills using design tools like PhotoShop, Sketch or Figma. Frontend developers should also know the basics of web hosting, and buying a domain. Learn the basics of these languages on General Assembly Dash.

If you’re creative who loves to work visually, then front-end development is best suited for you.

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Back-end Developers work on the “server-side”. Essentially, they control everything the user can’t see, like databases and servers

Normally, backend developers are confident with one of the following languages and familiar with another 2: PHPRubyPython, Node.js, and Java. These developers need to have knowledge of frameworks, software architecture, design patterns, databases so they can apply the business logic to the website/app.

If you love working with data and enjoy the tinkering and technical side of coding, back-end development will suit you.

People with skills in both frontend and backend development are often referred to as full-stack developers

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