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Hackathon @ Siemens Energy

Following a panel event, a second event with Siemens Energy was hosted on 6th March. The virtual hack tasked 34 attendees to come up with a solution to a current sustainability issue. Each group had two 2-hour sessions to work on their idea, with some help from Siemens Energy volunteers. They presented their solutions at the end of the day and two winning groups were chosen and awarded work experience spots at Siemens Energy.


What did attendees think?

  • 94% of attendees felt their network in STEM had increased after the event
  • 91% of attendees felt their perception of STEM had improved
  • 88% of attendees felt their confidence in their STEM abilities had improved


“Interactive and so so nice to get to know my teammates well – Allowed us to get creative, and gave me increased confidence from working in a team and presenting with completely our ideas”



Attendees rated the event 9.2 out of 10 and the 34 attendees, 100% would like to attend another Stemettes event.


“I enjoyed the fast-paced working and how it was an amazing team building workshop where everyone was included and everyone had a huge role to play in the final piece”


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