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RECAP: Week 2 of STEM Mode In

Week 2 was Eugenia Cheng’s week!



On Monday, we hosted a session for 60 attendees to follow along with our Stemillions Activity Pack (aka Meal Plan) based on Eugenia Cheng, a British mathematician and pianist. The activity was to make a rap/poem/song about Mathematics to celebrate STEAM and fuse music and mathematics in the spirit of Eugenia. Some of the girls performed their songs during the event! Below is a rap from Tara.

Maths is the best, better than the rest.

And as you probably guessed, I’m going to talk about it next.

Pythagoras’ Theorem and the Fibonacci sequence, sometimes we can’t use them at the easiest convenience.

Percentages, fractions and geometry are some maths skills we use in life constantly. 





On Wednesday, we live-streamed a Python tutorial. 84 participants joined Events Stemette Charlotte to do a Python basics exercise. We were joined by experts Regina Bissai Nzenza and Emma Ashley who led sessions on the Python programming language, Turtles and block coding.



On Thursday we hosted part 2 of HTML basics, following from week 1. Event Stemette Charlotte led 14 girls through web building in HTML. The girls finished off the websites they began building in week 1 and below is some feedback on what they enjoyed the most.


“Finishing my website and seeing how it progressed.”

“Learning all the new tags in HTML and seeing everyone else’s websites.”


On Friday we hosted a live session with female engineers Mamta Singhal and Yewande Akinola. The session was hosted by Head Stemette Anne Marie Imafidon and 166 people tuned in! The engineers shared their career journeys and tips on STEM education. Here are some quotes from some of the viewers about what they enjoyed the most about the session.


“Hearing from engineers about what a great career it is and breaking the stereotypes associated with engineering.”

“The guests and the variety of questions.”

“The opportunity to ask questions”



We received some great overall feedback from week 2 too!

  • 328 participants tuned in this week
  • 76% shared their perception of STEM improved
  • 83% said their knowledge of STEM improved

That’s all for Week 2. Next week’s role model is Merritt Moore – we can’t wait to see you all for those events.


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