All genders volunteering

Help with mock interviews
Give our participants a taste of what interviews are like, then give them some feedback on the situation. Practice makes perfect. Great opportunity for hiring managers, lasting half a business day or the whole day. Email for upcoming opportunities
Speed mentoring
Meet our community and share your experience and career journey with them, whilst offering advice. Email for upcoming opportunities
Event volunteer
Sign up as a Stemette Supporter at an upcoming event. You’ll be role modelling and either helping our little Stemettes create something, or will be sharing part of your STEM journey with them.
E.g. you might be sitting on a panel or you might be a hackathon judge. Listings are on our homepage and you can also join our newsletter for regular event updates.
Follow us and spread the word
We are active across a number of social media platforms – providing inspirational content and updates that are easy for you to share with others. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook to help amplify the work we’re doing and allow others to benefit from our programmes, events and content.
Support charity Stemette Futures with your Amazon Shopping
If you ever shop on Amazon, why not do it through Amazon Smile for charity Stemette Futures? Amazon donates 0.5% of the net purchase price (excluding VAT, returns and shipping fees) of eligible purchases to Stemette Futures to work to 3 Stemette ambitions. Start here
Create an activity pack for our clubs
We’ve launched Stemillions clubs run by young women across the country. Each week all members run through a 30 minute activity pack related to a part of STEM. Submit a role model video and two 15 minute suggested activities and we’ll wrap it up into an Activity pack for them to go through. Example here. Email it all through to Location: Remote only.
Mentor a young woman running a club
We’ve launched Stemillions clubs run by young women across the country. Support a young woman as she leads her very own club – keep her motivated adhoc and give her ideas for exciting others about STEM. Also be there to mentor her career decisions. Location: Remote only.

Women (and those who identify as such or non-binary) only

Become a mentor/Sherpa
We run a more-than-mentoring programme called Student to Stemette for young women aged 15+ across London and Birmingham. You’ll work together for 4 months towards a personalised goal for your mentee – known as a Sherpee. More details and sign up here »
Make a profile video
Create a maximum 3 minute video about yourself and your STEM career for our nationwide network of clubs. You can get help from others and we have a very handy video guide.
Write a letter to your teenage self
What would you write in a letter to your teenage (or much younger) self? What do you wish you knew at 14 years old? Send yours to us at and we’ll pass it onto our young women. Have a look at Karen’s letter here.

Nothing above takes your fancy?

Join our volunteers list
Sign up to our volunteer list with your location and part of STEM. We’ll be in touch with any upcoming relevant opportunities near you. Leave your details here »
Contribute to our running costs
We’d love to be able to explore new areas, develop more content for our inspiration platforms and fund certifications for some of our young women. A little goes a long way – you can make a donation to charity Stemette Futures via Paypal Giving here or make a contribution to Stemettes via our Paypal »