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Covid Policy – Public In-person Events

Please read the terms of this policy carefully before attending an in-person Stemettes event



The law has changed, but we are continuing to follow our covid-safety measures.


What’s outlined in this policy?

This policy is to ensure everyone feels safe at Stemettes by putting a range of COVID safety measures in place. It is complementary to government guidance on social distancing, travel and other measures which must be adhered to.


Before attending an event

Everyone must take a Lateral Flow Test and receive a clear/negative result the day before or the day of visiting the Stemettes office or our in-person events. You will be asked to provide proof of your negative result.

Accepted proof:

  • Picture of negative lateral flow test
  • NHS app negative result
  • SMS negative result message issued from NHS

Please note, even with a negative result, if you are showing symptoms you may be turned away.


In the event, you do not provide proof

If you have no proof of a clear/negative result from a lateral flow test you will be turned away from our in-person events. Please understand these are the steps we are taking to enable our Stemette beneficiaries, their guardians and our staff and volunteers to remain as safe as possible whilst at our in-person events.


Further recommendations

We’ll continue to ask everyone to wear a mask, or face covering, in indoor public areas at our events unless medically exempt and recommend they are worn in the Stemettes office in public areas.

Everyone must clean their hands regularly with anti-bacterial gel or hand-wash and keep their distance from people where they can.

If technology is used by multiple users at our in-person events the technology will be cleaned with antibacterial cleaner regularly.

We have a duty of care to everyone at Stemettes; visitors, partners, beneficiaries and staff. We believe continuing to take these precautions, for now, will keep more people feeling safe, comfortable and able to enjoy their time visiting our office and our in-person events


No abuse will be tolerated.
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