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Thales X Stemillions

Are you a Primary School Teacher looking STEM inspiration? Look no further!

Apply for the Thales Stemillions Box to learn more about 10 role models from Thales and their STEM-azing careers. These role models are from a range of different careers across Thales.

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What's Involved?After learning more about each role model, you and your students can then choose between 2 fun, hands-on activities that relate to their career so students can investigate each job role further.
What's The Aim Of The Programme?This box is designed to increase your students' awareness of STEM careers and boost their confidence in their own STEM knowledge and abilities.
Who Is It For?This box is recommended for 10 students in Key Stage 2.
How Much Does It Cost?The boxes are fully funded by Thales, which makes them completely free to you.
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