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Stemette Futures Youth Board

The Stemette Futures Youth Board is made up of volunteers aged 15-25 from the UK and Ireland who will ensure the voices of girls, young women and non-binary young people are heard. They will work alongside the Stemette Futures charity board to guide and lead the mission to inspire more girls, young women and non-binary young people into STEAM (Science Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths).


For any questions or queries about the youth board, including the roles we have available or accessibility requirements please reach out to the Chairperson of the Youth board Tosin Sonubi via tosin.sfyb@stemettefutures.org.

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Our Mission
SpecificationsAs a member of the Stemette Futures Youth Board you will act as an ambassador, safeguarding the positive name of the charity at networking opportunities and other potential events. All members will have a willingness to devote time and effort to their role and accept the responsibilities and liabilities of their role. They need to show a commitment to Stemette Futures and its objectives.
AimsYoung people are at the core of our organisation, so their voices need to be heard. Stemette Futures aims to inspire the next generation of girls, young women and non-binary young people into STEAM fields through STEAM role models, panel events, hackathons, exhibitions, mentoring and more.
CommitmentMembers will serve on the board for 12-24 months. On average, this commitment will be 3 hours a month, excluding any meetings. Whilst on the board, you will be expected to attend one face-to-face meeting (expenses covered).
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Everyone has a unique perspective and so we respect everyone's opinion and every idea is discussed amongst the board.

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We want to empower more girls, young women and non-binary young people with an interest in STEAM and give them the tools and resources they need to succeed.

Attendees at a Stemettes event listening to a talk.


We value the inclusion of all, by working with young people from all backgrounds, cultures and ages to ensure a rich mix.

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