17 Jan 2022

Meet Khadijah


Meeting the UK Prime Minister. Witnessing first-hand how planes of the future are being developed. For Khadijah, choosing an aerospace degree apprenticeship with BAE Systems has led to many unforgettable experiences.

Meet Khadijah | Stemettes Zine
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Ever since she was young, Khadijah watched aeroplanes from her window. As she completed her A-levels, the question was how best to achieve her dream of being part of that world.

“I thought with an apprenticeship you get the best of both worlds. You get the experience, the engineering workplace environment, and the responsibility. I thought yes, this is what I want to do.”

The answer for her was a five-year degree apprenticeship in aerospace engineering with BAE Systems. Why? Their apprenticeship programme allowed her to gain an accredited Bachelor of Engineering degree. At the same time, she was earning a salary and seeing aerospace innovation in action.

Being amongst expert teams at BAE Systems has seen her progress far during the apprenticeship. She’s gained practical experience by getting involved with technologies and complex challenges. She’s worked from virtual reality to aircraft systems! During one placement she helped design, build and fly a new solar electric communications drone.

With many apprentices learning at BAE Systems, there are always opportunities to connect. Apprentices can also represent the organisation on apprentice councils and outreach programmes. For example, Khadijah has spoken to 400 people at the Institute of Engineering and Technology. She presented alongside members of the Ministry of Defence!

“In my eyes, the benefits of an apprenticeship are a lot more subtle – things that you don’t see happening to you. [It’s] having the confidence to deliver technical presentations. Confidence to talk to senior engineers. The kind of confidence to say, ‘Oh, I don’t know, please can you explain?’”

Khadijah’s degree apprenticeship in aerospace engineering has meant getting the best of both worlds. She has brought real-world situations to her academic work and saw the theories she reads about in the workshop. Her time with BAE Systems is bringing to life the full picture of engineering.

What is she looking forward to in the future? Khadijah is currently working towards qualifying for her first professional engineering qualification. The next step after that will be getting established as a chartered engineer.




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