On the 5th of August, Paige Mullen, a programme and operations manager at Nuvve and Dreev, spoke to us about how the future of electric cars and how they are being built for maximum sustainability.

When you think of Electric Vehicles (EVs), you might think of a car that runs only via electricity. Whilst this kind of vehicle (Battery EV’s) is common, there are actually a number of different EVs. We also have plug-in hybrid EVs, which run on a battery until it has run out, and then run on gasoline. Last, we have a hybrid vehicle. These cars must have petrol in them to run but have an electric motor to allow them to run more efficiently.

We are currently in a transitional period to switching to fully electric vehicles.

One aspect that makes electric cars a cleaner option than gasoline cars is the smart charging features being introduced by companies like Nuvve. They work by plugging the car in, inputting information (such as I want my car charged 100% by 7:00 am) into an app. The app will then find times where renewable energy sources (such as sun and wind) are at their highest, and then use this energy to charge the car. This makes EVs both cheaper and cleaner to run.

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However, this is still just beginning, and there is innovation and evolution that needs to occur before smart charging can be rolled out on a large scale.

Why haven’t people brought electric cars yet? Being a new phenomena, it will take time to develop the vehicles to suit everyone’s needs in terms of how they work, their aesthetics, and the development of more charging ports. When gasoline cars were first introduced, it took a while for people to change over from horses, too. At the time horses seemed to be a more convenient option, as they could be fed anywhere.

In essence, it is clear that electric vehicles are the way forward, evidenced by the ban on all non-electric cars in the UK by 2035. However, there is plenty of innovation and development to occur before they are mainstream, so get thinking!

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