6 Oct 2022

Meet Charlotte Briers



Hello, my name is Charlotte Briers and I’m a Rolling Stock Retrofit (RSC) Director in the UK for Alstom. At the peak, I was responsible for overseeing 190 people retrofitting 650 cars across 6 projects and 5 locations. This involves ensuring that by the end of our work, they are all of Sale Standard.


How Has Your Career Progressed Leading Up To Today?

I have lots of experience within different elements of engineering, working in varied industries including aerospace, power, and transport.

After a Gap Year within Industry, I graduated from Durham University with a degree in Mechanical  Engineering. After that I worked for Frazer Nash, an engineering consultancy. I started in analysis before moving to more project-based roles.

I joined Bombardier in 2012 and worked on projects such as GauTrain, Electrostar and Aventra. During this time, I had two maternity leaves. After my second Maternity leave, I  joined the Global Engineering Management Office, where I then worked on Demand Capacity. I then transferred back to a site-based role as Planning and Performance Manager for Aventra just as the pandemic started. Finally, in November 2021, I moved to Operations where I work now as Retrofit Director.


What Do You Enjoy Most About Your Role?

I adore the constant change- no two days are the same- I’m continuously problem-solving due to there being no fixed process within my work as my work shouldn’t exist.

As the chair of Voices of Women, I have had the chance to visit the Houses of Parliament as well as represent the Voices by attending the ‘Alstom Women of Excellence Annual Summit, taking place in  Canada on the 12th and 13th of September.


What’s Been The Biggest Challenge So Far?

For me, my biggest challenge has been understanding when it’s time to delegate and stay out of the detail this applies at home and work, especially since having children. I’ve had to learn to let people help.


If You Were Starting Your Career Again, Would You Do Anything Differently?

Ultimately nothing, I’m really happy with where I am within my career now.

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