AppShed is a free online tool you can use at home to build your own apps and games.

Appshed is a great tool for first-time coders to trial out their app designs and increase your confidence in your tech skills. As you become more confident and your app ideas become more creative, you can begin to edit the code in the background to improve your apps.

With the AppBuilder function, you can build and design your apps. There are templates to help you with your coding and courses to show you all the functions of AppShed on the Edu Tab. As you become more advanced and comfortable with AppShed, there is the option to look at the HTML and CSS to improve your coding skills.

AppShed also has a Game Maker function. This is also designed for beginners to try out their game designs without coding. AppShed has courses to show you the basics of using the Game Maker and will help you to build a Brick Breaker game to start off with. There is the option to edit Javascript if you wanted to improve your coding skills.

All apps created in AppShed can be downloaded, modified and sold on the app store. All you need to sign up and start creating is an email, if you are under 16 please get permission from an adult first.

Get started with Appshed here.
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