We are the Stemettes, and we’re here to help.

It’s been a tough time for you and your students. As we all prepare for post-pandemic life and the future, now is the time to provide extra support. We have some Free & Exclusive opportunities for young women and nonbinary folks who study and/or live in Liverpool.

In school opportunities in 2021

  • Virtual Assembly & Lesson takeovers – Stemette Future Summits
  • STEM clubs – Stemillions

Email lucy@stemettefutures.org to learn
about availability and get signed up!

Out of school opportunities

  • One-to-one Mentoring – Student to Stemette
  • Certification Academies
  • Summer Programme – 2021 Outbox

Available on our main Liverpool page: share
stemettes.org/liverpool with your students or email team@stemettes.org to nominate a group.

Stemettes’ programmes support schools and colleges in meeting the Gatsby Benchmarks.

  • BENCHMARK 4 – Linking Curriculum Learning to Careers. Stemettes in school programmes in particular help you fulfil this benchmark. 
  • BENCHMARK 5 – Meaningful Encounters with Employers and Employees. Sets out the expectation that young people should have multiple opportunities to learn from employers about work, employment and the skills that are valued in the workplace. 
  • BENCHMARK 6 – Experiences of Workplaces. Sets out that young people should have a positive first-hand experience of the workplace. 

There’s also ongoing support from us, beyond Liverpool…

for You

Monthly STEM resources in our Teachers & Career Leaders newsletter is packed full of STEM content, upcoming STEM opportunities and resources for you to use in the classroom.

for your Young women & nonbinary students

The Stemette Society – A moderated closed network of peers from around the world provides spectacular support for your female & nonbinary students who are exploring their STEM options. We also have the Stemettes Instagram and Stemettes Zine, jampacked of advice, role model profiles and STEM knowledge.

for the boys

We have an Instagram full of inspirational role models, advice and IG Live videos to rewatch from live sessions we’ve done with folks across the STEM field. There’s also the Stemettes Zine.

A note on Safeguarding

We take the safety of our community and young people very seriously. This programme will ensure safety and safeguarding throughout – via the use of training, DBS checks, and a locked secure online platform. Our safeguarding policy is available online and is central to the planning of our Liverpool Futuremakers work. We want our young people to be safe at all times, so this programme will be heavily supervised by our team – attendees will always be in a virtual room with our moderators as well as any industry volunteers.

Any attendees aged 16 or under will need the permission of a responsible Parent or Guardian to participate in the programme fully, beyond watching sessions.

We also take inclusion very seriously, so will be providing the necessary materials for any young people who do not have regular access to a device connected to the internet. We want all sorts of young people to be able to build careers in STEM, no matter the resources they have at home.