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Tap & Tinker

What Is a Tap & Tinker?

Our Tap & Tinker events are events that last from 3 or 6 hours and aim to inspire, teach and problem-solve around a STEAM topic of your choosing (or let us choose for you!). Open to all girls, young women and young non-binary people, from Years 3-12.

During these sessions we help you create a basic app (Years 3 & 6), a chatbot (Years 7-9), a 3D prototype (Years 7-9) or a website (Years 7-12).

For sponsored Tap & Tinker sessions, students in attendance will encounter role models from our partners, and also hear about the careers of the role models in attendance.

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Tap & Tinker Gatsby Benchmarks


  • A stable careers programme. By offering free events focused on specific STEAM topics, Tap & Tinker sessions can be part of a wider careers programme that a school might offer. They provide students with opportunities to explore STEAM topics and develop key skills.

  • Learning from career and labour market information. Through Tap & Tinker sessions, students will have the opportunity to engage with STEAM topics. They will learn more about potential career paths in STEAM fields.

  • Addressing the needs of each pupil. By catering to different years and skill levels, our sessions provide opportunities for everyone to engage with STEAM topics.

  • Encounters with employers and employees. Sponsored Tap &Tinker sessions allow students to meet and learn from industry professionals.

  • Encounters with further and higher education. Tap & Tinker sessions are a valuable starting point for students considering further study in STEAM fields.

Schools will need to provide
Access to a computer suite or laptops for up to 30 students in each classroom (please let us know if this is not possible and Stemettes can organise an alternative)
Unblocked access on the school severs to the sites needed for the workshop
Lunch for Team Stemette
Please note: there is a cost involved in these sessions. Should you have a question please contact schools@stemettes.org.