Ever fancied yourself a security agent, tracking down cyber criminals and protecting the digital world?

Join Cyber Discovery today and find out how teenagers like you are using their skills to create a safer world for everyone.

Cyber Discovery is HM Government’s free online extra-curricular programme that’s turning teenagers across the country into cyber security experts. We’re looking for people like you to join the programme!

Thousands of teenagers across the country have already joined to make a difference in an exciting and challenging industry that’s all about keeping people safe.

The programme is open for registration now until October 25th, so don’t delay! Start here

How it works

From now until October 25th, you can register and test your skills with our initial stage, CyberStart Assess. Here, you’ll tackle a number of online challenges to see if you’ve got the skills to go onto become a cyber security expert.

Score highly enough and you’ll be invited to CyberStart Game where you’ll take on the role of a security agent. You’ll be given agent briefings where you’ll need to use your hacking skills to stop cyber criminals in their tracks.

Top performing students will be invited to CyberStart Essentials to learn the theory behind advanced cyber security techniques.

Finally, the best of the best will receive an invite to CyberStart Elite, our exciting residential cyber summer camps. Here, top students from across the country come together to take part in workshops with security professionals and receive world-class in person training.

What you’ll learn

During the programme, you’ll get to grips with topics such as open source intelligence gathering, password cracking, cryptography, digital forensics and more. Through interactive games and hands-on labs, you’ll have the chance to practise your hacking skills in a totally safe and supportive environment.

Why study cyber security?

Cyber security experts are needed in all types of businesses, from the army to the police, hospitals to banks – learn the skills you need to make a difference every day in one of the fastest growing industries.

Working in cyber security doesn’t mean a repetitive job sitting in front of a computer all day! It can be fast-paced, challenging, fascinating and extremely rewarding. Use your skills to do everything from helping the police track a missing person to stopping a cyber terrorist from hacking into government systems.

Start today

To find out more about the programme and how you can join thousands of girls already taking part, head to our website: http://cyberdisc.io/stemettes

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